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If you are reading this page now you have been guided to connect with me.

I am a transformational healer, Reiki master/teacher, intuitive councillor, psychic reader and EPEM Holistic Kinesiologist. I am here to help you work through any challenges or fears you may be facing in your life. Help to clear any blocks/restrictions that may be preventing you from living the life you really want and deserve and bring guidance and messages through psychically and intuitively to help you become more aligned to your true self and life purpose.

Using a blend of therapies with reiki, along with my Intuitive gifts, clear insight and strong psychic connection. I facilitate transformational shifts and profound healing to help you move positively forward in your life.

My passion and purpose in life is to heal, guide, inspire and empower others. So I can bring more joy and love into your life and into the world that we live in.

At Reiki Sydney, we will assist you on your journey towards the discovery of  self empowerment and your capacity to heal yourself.

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To quote Mikao Usui, the man who discovered the ancient natural healing practice known in Tibet and formed the system of Reiki, based on five ethical principles:

  • Just for today:
  • Do not be angry,
  • Do not worry,
  • Be grateful,
  • Work with integrity,
  • Be kind to all living things.

Let us start this journey with an attempt to answer the basic question:

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What is Reiki?

The English term reiki derives from the Japanese language, which in turn borrowed it from Chinese. It is a compound of two components rei and ki, both of which have more than one meaning, which results in different English translations. The most common are “spiritual influence” and “universal life energy”.

Mikao Usui is believed to have experienced a revelation through which he gained the ability to use Reiki – spiritual energy – to treat people and to pass it to others through what he called attunement. Since this moment of revelation in 1922, Usui worked on the development of the natural therapy method using spiritual energy. He shared his knowledge with other sand after his death 16 of his over 2000 students continued his effort, contributing also to the dissemination of natural healing methods in Western culture. Our Sydney practitioners are among the most faithful followers of Usui’s practices of holistic healing that brings about the balance of both body and mind, helping individuals not only with physical ailments but also with psychological problems of different nature.

Over the years, the Reiki system has become one of the most widely spread methods of alternative medicine.

At this point, you may probably need another explanation:

What is alternative therapy?

Most often, the term “complementary and alternative medicine” is used and it refers to a wide variety of healthcare practices and therapies that are different from and are not part of conventional medicine. “Complementary” suggests that all forms of alternative therapies, including Reiki treatment in Sydney, are meant to complement traditional medical treatment not to replace it.

Therefore, we can define Reiki as a form of alternative medicine that is based on the belief that spiritual energy that permeates the universe and all living things aids the body’s natural healing process and increases a sense of well-being.

How does a spiritual healer deliver the Reiki treatment?

There are certain differences between what is known as Western Reiki and traditional Japanese Reiki. While in the former the practitioner usually uses a set of hand patterns, in the latter the movement of the practitioner’s hands is more intuitive. The traditional Japanese style emphasizes the natural healing power of Reiki practice in supporting personal growth and developing latent talents.

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CALL US NOW: (02) 83104716

Regardless of these differences, in both traditions the practitioners’ role is to open the blocked energy channels in the client’s body and strengthen the flow of vital energy with their hands. Many practitioners, including Sydney spiritual healers,  draw upon both styles and offer holistic treatments to heal  the body and mind, at the same time assisting individuals in their journey to the discovery and expression of the inner-self. The point is that the practitioners do not pass on their own energy to the recipients but transfer universal energy placing their hands on the recipients or holding them close to their bodies. Reiki treatment usually starts with the practitioner’s short meditation, after which the healer proceeds to the very process of palm healing. This may involve addressing the recipient’s whole body, giving each part equal attention, or focusing on some areas of the body that need special care. The practitioner unblocks the recipient’s chakras, or energy centres that correspond to vital organs of the physical body, and lets universal energy continue its uninterrupted flow out of his own body, through the recipient, who usually feels warmth in the area being treated and reaches a state of deep relaxation. Both the recipients and the practitioners experience the positive energizing effects of chakra healing. Reiki treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing powers and usually more sessions are needed to address a chronic condition. Regular treatments give spectacular results in maintaining a general well-being.

What benefits can you expect from Reiki Sydney treatment?

Reikiworks on different levels – physical, mental and emotional – thus enhancing each aspect of life.

Those afflicted with ailments of various nature –  including asthma, arthritis, sciatica , chronic fatigue, to name but a few – will benefit from Reiki’s power to boost the body’s  natural self-healing abilities and thus ease disease symptoms or accelerate recovery. This energy healing modality also helps patients with cancer by reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and enhancing the quality of life. Some patients also report that it relieves pain and speeds up the healing of wounds.

Holistic healing offered at our centre will also be beneficial for individuals with emotional distress, caused by various reasons, which often results in depression or insomnia. No matter what the cause of your grievance is – the loss of the beloved one or broken relationship – the practitioners at the Sydney establishment will help you reduce the level of stress and achieve comfort and peace of mind.

Our energy healing therapy will also have a powerful effect on those seeking purpose in life and fulfillment. Our practitioners will use Reiki treatment to utilize energy coming from the highest source to assist you in discovering your natural talents and to guide you through the process of your personal growth.

Who can undergo holistic healing treatment offered at Sydney Centre?

There are no limitations and Reiki healing treatment, which involves very delicate touch, or no touch at all, is safe and beneficial for everyone irrespective of age, from babies and toddlers – for example during teething – to adults, including pregnant women, to the elderly. It is known to be beneficial for pets as well, for example in the recovery process after surgical operations.

Reiki works in harmony with traditional medicine and other alternative therapies. At Reiki Sydney, you can complement your healing to achieve the synergy effect and strengthen positive results of your holistic treatment.

Are you ready to start your spiritual journey towards well-being and fulfillment?

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 CALL US NOW: (02) 83104716

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